Grand Hotel (Album)

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Grand Hotel
Studio album by Procol Harum


March 1973

Label (s) Chrysalis , repertoire

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Genre (s)

Progressive rock

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Chris Thomas

Broken Barricades
Grand Hotel Exotic Birds and Fruit
Single releases
1973 Robert's Box / Grand Hotel
1973 Bringing Home the Bacon / Toujours L'Amour
1973 Grand Hotel / Fires (That Burn Brightly)
1973 A Souvenir From London / Toujours L'Amour

Grand Hotel is the sixth studio album by the British progressive rock band Procol Harum . It was released in March 1973. The French soprano Christiane Legrand can be heard as a guest musician .


In the AllMusic review, James A. Gardner emphasizes that on the first album for the new Chrysalis label Procol Harum regains the "sublimity of earlier works". The new guitarist Mick Grabham is certified, however, that he plays " nowhere near as characteristic as his predecessor" Robin Trower : The songs were based more on artistic arrangements than on guitar riffs. Gary Brooker and his lyricist Keith Reid receive praise for the theme song Toujours l'Amour and other songs. The lyrics would be more socially critical than on previous albums.

Track list

Music: Gary Brooker , lyrics: Keith Reid

page 1

  1. Grand Hotel - 6:10
  2. Toujours l'Amour - 3:31
  3. A Rum Tale - 3:20
  4. TV Caesar - 5:52

Page 2

  1. A Souvenir of London - 3:23
  2. Bringing Home the Bacon - 4:21
  3. For Liquorice John - 4:27
  4. Fires (Which Burnt Brightly) - 5:10
  5. Robert's Box - 4:45

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