FTSV Lorbeer Rothenburgsort

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Free gymnastics and sports association Lorbeer-Rothenburgsort from 1896
FTSV Lorbeer Rothenburgsort.gif
Club data
founding 1896
Members 377 (2004)
Address /
Marckmannstrasse 125
20539 Hamburg
Club colors White blue
Soccer department
Division 1. Men District League 4
Venue Marckmannstrasse,
Club successes Federal champion of the ATSB 1929, 1931
Homepage www.lorbeer-ftsv.com
www.lorbeerjugend.de (youth)

The Free Gymnastics and Sports Association Lorbeer Rothenburgsort from 1896 e. V. is a sports club from the Hamburg district of Rothenburgsort . Its tradition stems from the workers' sports movement and was particularly successful in football. The first men's team was national champions of the Workers' Gymnastics and Sports Association in 1929 and 1931 . The first women's team won the first Hamburg championship title in women's football in 1972 and played in the Oberliga Nord until the 1990s . There are also departments for karate , qigong , gymnastics and mother-and-child gymnastics.

Lorbeer Rothenburgsort has only existed in its current form since August 24, 1946, when two predecessor clubs merged.

FTSVgg Hammerbrook-Rothenburgsort from 1896

The older of the two clubs was founded in 1896 as the Free Gymnastics Association Hammerbrook, Rothenburgsort and the surrounding area . It emerged as a spin-off from the Arbeiter Turnverein from 1893 Hamburg . After the socialist laws were repealed, workers ' sports clubs such as the ATV 93 were formed all over the German Reich. As this quickly gained popularity, it soon became so large that it was worthwhile to form regional clubs to anchor workers' sports close to home, and so founded The workers' athletes from Hammerbrook and Rothenburgsort also have their own club. After the club was no longer just doing gymnastics , the club was renamed the Free Gymnastics and Sports Association Hammerbrook-Rothenburgsort from 1896 in 1927 . In 1933 the association was banned and forcibly dissolved by the National Socialists .

SC Laurel 06

As early as 1901, five years before the club was officially founded, a battering team was formed from workers called Laurel . After switching to football, there was also an interest in participating in organized workers' sports, so that it was necessary to found a regular club. This happened in 1906 under the name Sport-Club Lorbeer from 1906 .

The SC Lorbeer was soon able to harvest just as much. The Rothenburgsorter won the championship of the Hamburg workers' sports cartel a total of five times. Twice they made it to the final of the national championship and practically had a home game there, because these two final games were played in the Hoheluft stadium of SC Victoria Hamburg . In front of more than 15,000 spectators, the Rothenburgsorters around Erwin Seeler , the father of "us Uwe" and Dieter , were able to use the home advantage. In May 1929 there was a 5-4 win against FT Döbern and two years later SV 1912 Pegau was defeated 4-2. The scandal occurred a year later, when Seeler and Alwin Springer, the two top performers of the club, switched to the bourgeois SC Victoria. The Hamburger Echo , an SPD newspaper, accused the players of being "stray proletarians" who denied their roots.

Lorbeer was also banned and liquidated as a workers' sports club in 1933.

Re-establishment and merger

After the Second World War , both clubs were initially re-established. But already on August 24, 1946 the clubs, which had been decimated by persecution and war, merged under their current name. The team now joined the "bourgeois DFB ". However, she never made it back to the position she had held in working class sports. Today the men only play in the district league.

Today's German-Turkish professional football player Serdar Dursun comes from the club's youth department.

Successful women

When the DFB lifted the ban on women's football, a female team quickly formed at Lorbeer. The team immediately belonged to the top of Hamburg and in 1972 won the first ever Hamburg championship. In addition to three other championships, the Hamburg Cup has been won 15 times. From 1987 to 1994 laurel belonged to the regional league . The greatest national success was the entry into the semi-finals of the DFB Cup in the 1986/87 season. This was then clearly lost 4-0 against STV Lövenich . After no women's team was active in the meantime, the club has reported a women's team again since the 2018/19 season, which as of 2020 plays in the district league.


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