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FALLEX 62 (fall exercise '62) was a NATO framework exercise in the autumn of 1962, which passed from the phase of " tension " to that of the " defense case ". It was NATO's first maneuver based on the assumption that World War III would begin with a major Soviet attack on Europe. The maneuver scenario was a bomb of medium explosive force than a military airfield of the German Armed Forces explode, followed by further nuclear strikes against airfields and missile bases of NATO in the Federal Republic , in England , Italy and Turkey .

The result of the simulation game was developed by Colonel Alfred Martin the German news magazine Der Spiegel leaked and in issue 41/1962 of 10 October 1962, entitled Due abwehrbereit published in excerpts.

The Bundeswehr is due to their lack of facilities at the since the inauguration of the NATO- US President John F. Kennedy in 1961 preferred conventional forward defense against troops of the Warsaw Pact unable. For an effective deterrent, the conventional clout of the Bundeswehr and its allies must be strengthened, even in the nuclear age . In contrast, the former wanted to Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss at his opinion, cheaper and more prestigious option of nuclear armament and the nuclear first strike - tactics to hold ( "pre-emptive strike").

The so-called Spiegel Affair developed from the publication .

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