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Alfred Martin (born August 1, 1915 in Hamburg , † after 1969 ) was a German officer , most recently Colonel i. G. the Bundeswehr and informant in the Spiegel affair .


Martin was head of the guide Unit in the Army Staff and has all the material to the incriminated article Due abwehrbereit the mirror -Redakteurs Conrad Ahlers provided. The article appeared in the issue of Spiegel 41/1962 on October 8th and ends with the words:

"With missiles instead of brigades and with nuclear grenade launchers instead of soldiers, a forward defense of the Bundeswehr is not possible, an effective deterrent remains questionable."

Martin and others did not agree with the nuclear armaments policy at the expense of conventional defense by the then Federal Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss , including high-ranking officers of the Bundeswehr such as General Staff Officer Adolf Wicht or General Adolf Heusinger , who was the first General Inspector of the Bundeswehr until 1961 . The former generals Lothar Rendulic and Wolfgang Pickert , the journalists Adelbert Weinstein and Ferdinand Otto Miksche, and the then Hamburg Senator for the Interior and later Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt also opposed. As a native of Hamburg and generally skeptical of the “Bavarian strongman” Strauss, Martin felt compelled for reasons of conscience to make the findings from the NATO maneuver Fallex 62 public. As we understand it today, he was a whistleblower .

The authorities had found out his name in the course of the search of the seven-story Spiegel publishing house in Hamburg from October 26, 1962 to November 25, 1962 and the confiscation of an exposé of the article mentioned.

Martin was arrested at the end of November 1962 on suspicion of so-called journalistic treason and taken into custody, but was released again in spring 1963. On October 15, 1964, Federal Prosecutor Ludwig Martin brought charges against Martin, Rudolf Augstein and Conrad Ahlers for continued common treason. However, by decision of May 13, 1965, the 3rd Criminal Division of the Federal Court of Justice refused to open the main proceedings against Augstein and Ahlers. The decision to open the main proceedings against Martin was reserved.

On January 15, 1963, the Federal Ministry of Defense initiated disciplinary proceedings against Martin . The proceedings were discontinued in 1968 and Martin retired on April 1, 1969 "with honor and full pension".

In the ARD - TV movie The Spiegel affair took over in 2014 the actor Henning Baum the role of Colonel Martin.

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