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Fay Weldon (left) at the Book Fair in Copenhagen , November 2008

Fay Weldon CBE (born September 22, 1931 in Alvechurch , Worcestershire ; nee Franklin Birkinshaw ) is a British author and feminist .


Weldon comes from a literary family. Her grandfather was the writer Edgar Jepson (1863-1938), her mother wrote novels under the pseudonym Pearl Bellairs , a character from a short story by Aldous Huxley . Weldon grew up in Auckland , New Zealand until her parents divorced and her mother returned to England with Fay and her sister.

She studied psychology and economics in St Andrews , Scotland . After becoming pregnant out of wedlock, she dropped out of college and moved to London after the birth of her first son, Nicolas .

Weldon married for the first time shortly after moving to London; her husband was not the biological father of her son. After the marriage failed after two years, she worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency to earn a living for herself and her son. In 1962 she married for the second time, taking the name Weldon from her husband. There are three sons from the marriage. During her second pregnancy, Weldon began writing texts for radio and television programs.

Her first novel The Fat Woman's Joke was published in 1967. Most of her novels focus on female main characters who try to fight for their own lives against the resistance of a patriarchal , usually British society. Of her total of more than 20 novels, several were made into films, including The Devil with Roseanne Barr .

Weldon also writes short stories, TV scripts, and magazine and newspaper articles. In 1996 she was on the jury of the Berlinale . The autobiography of her early years entitled Auto de Fay was published in 2002.

Weldon's second marriage ended with the death of her husband in 1994. She has been married to the poet Nick Fox in third marriage since 1995 and lives in the London borough of Hampstead .



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  • 1980: Pride and prejudice (five-part TV series for the BBC, based on Jane Austen 's novel of the same name)
  • 2007: Puffball - Director: Nicolas Roeg ; based on her novel Das Haus im Lande

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  • 1989: The Devil - Director: Susan Seidelman ; based on her novel of the same name
  • 1992: Artificial Sisters ( The Kloning of Joanna May ) - Director: Philip Saville ; based on her novel The Clones of Joanna May
  • 1992: Game of Patriots ( The President's Child ) - directed by Sam Pillsbury ; based on her novel The President's Child


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