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Filippo Cardinal Camassei
Patriarch Filippo Camassei (portrait in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem)

Cardinal Filippo Camassei (born September 14, 1848 in Rome , † January 18, 1921 ibid) was an Italian clergyman and archbishop of Naxos and later Latin patriarch of Jerusalem .


Filippo Camassei received his philosophical and theological studies at the Pontifical Seminary in Rome and received in 1872 the sacrament of Holy Orders . He then worked as a parish priest in Rome for four years before becoming the personal secretary of Cardinal Raffaele Monaco La Valletta in 1876 . For many years he taught the priests of the Diocese of Rome , in 1889 he became rector of the Papal Athenaeum De Propaganda Fide . In 1897 he was awarded the honorary title of papal house prelate .

In 1904 Filippo Camassei received the episcopal ordination from Cardinal Girolamo Gotti . In the same year Pope Pius X appointed him Archbishop of Naxos, Andros, Tinos and Mykonos and two years later Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem . In 1917 the Turks forced him to flee to Nazareth , where he found shelter with the Franciscans . After the victory of the English and French troops, Filippo Camassei was able to return to Jerusalem in 1918. On December 15, 1919, Pope Benedict XV took him . as cardinal priest with the titular church of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli in the College of Cardinals and his resignation from the office of Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Filippo Camassei died during a visit to Rome on 18 January 1921 and was on the graveyard Campo Verano buried.

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