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A film museum is an institution dedicated to the history and technology of the film medium .

As a rule, it is a museum that explains its object through exhibitions - from the optical devices (for example the magic lantern , which is considered the forerunner of moving images), to objects and props that are directly or indirectly used in the production of films until the documentation of the people who are involved in the production of films. In the case of the Munich Film Museum, however, the word designates a part of the Munich City Museum in which films are shown - the main curatorial and restoration work is largely hidden from the public's eye.

Film museums in Germany

In Germany there are seven institutions that call themselves a film museum:

The Industry and Film Museum in Wolfen is not concerned with (cinema) film, but with photographic film . Former Agfa film production facility, the focus is on the presentation of the raw film production process for cameras.

In addition, there are exhibition areas on the subject of photo and film technology in many city technology museums, and some private collectors also exhibit their devices.

Minister of State for Culture Bernd Neumann recognized the importance of the film museums in 2011.

Film museums in other countries (selection)


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