Schleicher ASW 15

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Schleicher ASW 15
Schleicher ASW 15 B
Type: Glider
Design country:

Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany


Alexander Schleicher

First flight:

April 20, 1968 (ASW 15),
February 1, 1972 (ASW 15 B)

Production time:


Number of pieces:


ASW 15 in flight

The Schleicher ASW 15 is a by Gerhard Waibel designed and from 1968 by Alexander Schleicher sold glider in fiberglass construction method with 15-meter wingspan. It is a shoulder wing with a cross tail and pendulum elevator . The ASW 15 replaced the Ka 6 .

In order to ensure better controllability, the rudder of the successor version ASW 15B has been increased by 11 cm. In addition, bags for 90 kg of water ballast were provided in the areas at ASW 15B.

Schleicher ASW 15 in flight

The flight characteristics can generally be described as unproblematic. The center of gravity coupling is, however, arranged offset to the side, so that it must be clearly held up when the winch is started and when the aircraft is towed in order to prevent it from breaking away. The ASW 15 is otherwise very comfortable to fly, with low rudder forces, high maneuverability and also climbs very well. When flying straight ahead, however, the glide angle becomes significantly worse at higher speeds.

As a result of the use of balsa wood in the areas, a single ASW 15 was affected by fungal infestation ; after an LTA , the ASW 15 had to be checked for this infestation. From serial number 356 onwards, balsa wood was replaced by plastic .

The ASW 15 initially flew in the standard class , but today in the club class .

Only two copies of the ASW 15M (D-KIWB and D-KGHE) were registered as motor gliders. They are powered by a Rotax 501. In addition, three ASW 15 were converted to ASW 15 B.

The addition of winglets gives the ASW 15 B WL slightly improved flight characteristics in slow flight as well as an even higher aileron effect.

Technical specifications

ASW 15 ASW 15 B ASW 15 M.
First flight April 20, 1968 February 1, 1972
span 15 m
Wing area 11.00 m²
Wing extension 20.45
Hull length 6.45 m 6.48 m
Wing profile Wortmann FX 61-163 inside, FX 60-126 outside
Empty weight with minimum equipment 210 kg 230 kg
Water ballast - 90 kg -
Max. Take-off mass 318 kg 408 kg
Wing loading 26 kg / m² 28-37 kg / m²
Load hull 108 kg 115 kg
Top speed 220 km / h
Minimum speed 64 km / h
slightest sinking 0.59 m / s at 73 km / h 0.63 m / s at 77 km / h
best gliding 36.5 at 89 km / h

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