Fischbachsee (Virngrund)

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Location: Natural area of ​​the Ellwanger Mountains

Landscape Virngrund


Tributaries: Fischbach
Drain: Fischbach → Jagst  → Neckar  → Rhine  → North Sea
Major cities nearby: Ellwangen
Larger places nearby: Kalkhöfe, Schweighausen, Dankoltsweiler
Fischbachsee (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
Coordinates 49 ° 0 '25 "  N , 10 ° 7' 20"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 0 '25 "  N , 10 ° 7' 20"  E
Data on the structure
Construction time: 1971
Crown length: 110 m
Data on the reservoir
Altitude (at congestion destination ) 429  m
Water surface 8.9 ha
Reservoir length 1.2 km
Reservoir width 110 m
Catchment area 17.0 km²

The Fischbachsee is an artificially created lake in the Baden-Württemberg Ostalb district between the hamlet of Kalkhöfe in the Rindelbach district of Ellwangen close to the south and the Dankoltsweiler hamlet of the Jagstzell community a little further north.

Location and purpose

The lake is located in the natural area of the Ellwang Mountains and in the Virngrund , a wooded landscape in the northeast of the district. It was created in 1971 by the water association Obere Jagst by damming the Fischbach , one of the larger streams in the landscape that drains towards the Upper Jagst , in order to hold back and store its runoff during floods. The eponymous Fischbach runs through the reservoir, which fills its narrow Untertal, from east to west and flows into the river about half a kilometer further in this direction from the right between the hamlet of Kalkhöfe in the Rindelbach district of Ellwangen and the hamlet of Schweighausen of Jagstzell . The border between the town of Ellwangen and the municipality of Jagstzell runs through the lake in the same direction.


The approx. 1.2 km long and maximally 110 meters wide lake has an area of ​​8.9 hectares, its storage target is 429  m above sea level. NN . The largely forested catchment area covers around 17.0 km².


Forest, closed forest area in the east on the upper lake and in the north-west as well as hillside forest below the open plateaus around Dankoltsweiler and at Kalkhöfe extend close to the shore. In addition to the Fischbachtalaue above the lake, the left slope in its middle part is also free of forests, below the dam an alder forest fills the rest of the valley up to the Jagstaue. In the upper part of the lake there is a small tree island.

Bathing lake

The lake is bathed in summer. At the upper end there is a parking lot near the K 3228 leading from Dankoltsweiler over the Dankoltsweiler Sägmühle in the upward Fischbach valley to Rindelbach through the forest; There are two more between the dam and the mouth of the stream, which can be reached from a small road that leads directly to the right of the Jagst from Rindelbach via Kalkhöfe to Schweighausen, where it connects to the B 290 .

Other lakes in the area are the somewhat closer, larger Orrotsee in the west on the left Jagst tributary Orrot and the smaller and more distant Kreßbachsee in the south near Rindelbach, where bathing is also available.

Individual evidence


Official online waterway map with a suitable section and the layers used here: Location of the Fischbachsee
General introduction without default settings and layers: State Institute for the Environment Baden-Württemberg (LUBW) ( notes )

  1. a b Longitude and latitude measured on the background layer topographic map .
  2. Lake area after the layer standing waters .
  3. ↑ Catchment area summed up from the sub-catchment areas of the Fischbach according to the basic catchment area (AWGN) layer , minus the small gusset between the end of the lake and Fischbach, measured on the background layer topographic map .

Other evidence

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  3. Height according to the blue lettering in the middle of the lake on: Geoportal Baden-Württemberg ( information )

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