Flag of Western Australia

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The governor's official flag

The flag of Western Australia was introduced on November 27, 1875 and is a variant of the British Blue Ensign , with the state badge in the flight section.

The badge shows a mourning swan on a golden disc , which looks towards the leech side. The black swan, namesake and typical bird of the Swan River , has been the symbol of Western Australia since at least the 1830s. The first settlement, today's Perth , was named after the river Swan River Settlement (settlement on the Swan River ).

Previous flag

In 1870, the first flag of Western Australia was introduced, which was almost identical to the current one. The only difference was that the swan was looking the other way. The direction of the swan was changed according to the vexillogischen guidelines, according to which animals on flags always have to look in the direction of the Liek.

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