Flag of the Cocos Islands

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Flag of the Cocos Islands
Flag of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.svg

Vexillological symbol : Civil flag and official flag on land?
Aspect ratio: 1: 2
Officially accepted: April 6, 2004

The flag of the Cocos Islands was officially adopted on April 6, 2004.

Description and meaning

The flag is green and shows in the flight part in gold the cross of the south corresponding to the flag of Australia , in the center a crescent moon and in the upper leech a golden disc bearing a palm tree. The crescent moon refers to the Sunni Malays who make up the majority of the population on the islands. The palm symbolizes the name of the island on which copra was previously extracted.


The flag was designed in the Cocos Islands in early 2003. The official acceptance took place on April 6, 2004. In addition, the islands carry an additional flag as Shire in addition to the flag of the territory and the flag of Australia. This shows a logo on a white background.

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