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Flag of Palau
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Vexillological symbol : National flag on land and at sea?
Aspect ratio: 5: 8
Officially accepted: October 22, 1980

The flag of Palau shows a golden yellow full moon on a light blue cloth.

Description and meaning

Structure of the national flag

The diameter of the disk is three fifths of the flag width. The sky blue cloth is borrowed from the flag of Micronesia . The blue color represents the Pacific Ocean surrounding the islands . The yellow disc stands for the full moon over Belau (Palau)

system blue yellow
RGB 74-173-214 255-222-0
Hexadecimal color definition # 4AADD6 # FFDE00

In the Palau tradition, the moon plays an important role in terms of harvest time, the cycle of nature and the beginning of certain events. It also symbolizes the country's emergence as a sovereign, independent nation. The blue ocean stands for the constant supply of the island with food. At the same time it symbolizes the constancy and survival of Palau under different rulers through the years, in order to finally be united with the full moon.

When the moon is full, the important activities take place, be it building boats, cutting trees, fishing and traditional festivals.


2008 Summer Olympics team with the national flag

In 1979 a commission launched a competition to create a national flag. The victory design showed an " Azde " in the red and blue divided cloth , surrounded by sixteen white stars. However, the design of the second-placed local Blue Skebong was accepted.

The flag was introduced by law in the Olbiil Era Kelulau Parliament , which was passed on September 18, 1980, and entered into force on October 22, 1980.

State flags

Palau is divided into 16 states. Each has its own flag.

Historic flag? Old flag of Ngarchelong

The stars on the flag of Ngarchelong represent the parishes of the state. Originally it had seven stars instead of eight.


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