Flag of Kiribati

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Flag of Kiribati
Flag of Kiribati.svg

Vexillological symbol : National flag on land and at sea?
Aspect ratio: 1: 2
Officially accepted: July 12, 1979

The flag of Kiribati consists of two colored areas. The top half is red. There a golden, flying frigate bird ( Fregata minor , in Kiribati : te eitei ) is depicted as a symbol of strength and freedom above a rising golden sun (in Kiribati: otintai ). Both are provided with contour lines and internal details. Three blue and three white wavy lines alternate on the lower half. The white wavy lines represent the three island groups Gilbert Islands , Phoenix Islands and the Line Islands . The seventeen rays of the sun symbolize the 16 islands of the Gilberts and Banaba .

Historic flag? Blue Ensign of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands , in use between 1937 and 1979

The flag was officially introduced on July 12, 1979. The design was created in 1932 by Arthur Grimble for the coat of arms in the Blue Ensign of the Gilbert and Ellic Islands , which was officially in use since 1937.

colour red gold blue
BS 381C 539 - Currant red 355 - lemon 110 - Roundel blue
RGB 200-16-16 248-208-0 24-48-112
CMYK 0-92-92-22 0-16-100-3 79-57-0-56

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