Flag of Guams

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Flag of Guams
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Vexillological symbol : Normal or de jure version of a flag? ?Service and war flags on land and at sea
Aspect ratio: 22:41
Officially accepted: 1960

The Guam flag was adopted in this form in 1960.

Description and meaning

Section 407 of the Guam Code specifies the appearance of the flag. So it should be 78 inches long and 40 inches high. The red border of the otherwise navy blue flag is 2 inches wide. In the center is the seal of Guam , which is 24 inches high and 16 inches wide. For non-official use, the flag may also be produced in other sizes, whereby the proportions must be observed. An official flag that is 50% larger is used for holidays.

The blue base represents the Pacific Ocean , while the outer red border represents the spilled blood of the Chamorro tribe. In the center of the flag is the seal of Guam in the oval shape of a traditional Chamorro stone, a traditional indigenous sling weapon . In the oval you can see a coconut palm , the original main food supplier of the island. The boat is a Proa - a fast and seaworthy outrigger canoe.


Historic flag? Flag of Guam from 1917 to 1960 without a red border

The first version of the Guam flag without a red border was introduced on July 4, 1917 by Governor Captain Roy C. Smith , but was not officially confirmed by the Guam Congress until April 9, 1948. The seal in the center had already been approved by Governor Willis W. Bradley Jr. in 1930 . The design is by Helen L. Paul , the wife of an American naval officer. In 1960 the red border was added to the flag.

Legal requirements for use

According to Section 407 of the Guam Code, the larger official flag is to be placed on official buildings and flagpoles of the government on local and national holidays .

In general, according to §408, the flag of Guam should only be set outdoors in daylight or, in the dark, illuminated. However, this is then only permitted on buildings, flagpoles or flag lines. The setting has to be done quickly, the pulling down has to be done in a ceremony.

If the flag of Guam is placed on a pole together with the flag of the United States, the flag of Guam must fly below the American flag. Even if both flags have their own mast, the flag of Guam must be lower or to the left (from the perspective of the observer, on the right) of the flag of the USA. If half-mast is ordered for the Stars and Stripes , this also applies to the Guam flag, even if it flies alone.

Representatives of other governments may use their own flag in front of their official residence, regardless of the position of flags of the United States or Guam. Section 409 emphasizes that there is no need to make a vow in front of the Guam flag.

Flag days

  • January 1st: New Year
  • First Monday in March: Guam Discovery Day
  • Last Monday in May: Memorial Day
  • July 4th: American Independence Day
  • July 21: Liberation Day
  • First Monday in September: Labor Day
  • November 2nd: All Saints' Day
  • November 11: Veterans Day
  • Fourth Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day
  • December 8th: Our Lady of Camarin Day
  • December 25th: Christmas Day

On "Liberation Day" the liberation from the Japanese occupation in 1944 is commemorated. On this occasion, the governor calls on the population every year to fly the flag on their houses. The same applies to the "day of discovery of Guam"

Community flags

According to Section 1031 of the Guam Code , the municipalities of Guams can adopt an official municipality flag that represents the history and culture of the respective village.

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