Flag of Naurus

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Flag of Naurus
Flag of Nauru.svg

Vexillological symbol : Vexillological symbol?
Aspect ratio: 1: 2
Officially accepted: January 31, 1968

The Nauruan national flag is one of the two official emblems of the island state, along with the national coat of arms . On the occasion of the Declaration of Independence which was on 31 January 1968, the first time flag Nauru hoisted. It illustrates the geographic location of the country.

The narrow yellow stripe with the width of about 124 of the length of the flag cloth represents the equator .

The twelve-pointed white star testifies to the island's position in the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean (blue flag cloth) south of the equator. The island is just one degree south of the equator. The separation of the blue flag cloth into two equal parts also reminds of the legend according to which the first inhabitants were born from two rocks.

The star should touch the yellow stripe, which tends to be misrepresented. The twelve rays of the star symbolize the twelve original tribes of Naurus: Deiboe, Eamwidara, Eamwit, Eamwitmwit, Eano, Eaoru, Emangum, Emea, Irutsi, Iruwa, Iwi and Ranibok.

The white stands for the calcium phosphate , the extraction of which made the island's inhabitants rich.

The flag was developed by the Australian flag manufacturer Evans after the introduction of a local resident .

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system blue yellow White
Pantone 280 C 123 C -
RGB 1-33-105 255-199-44 255-255-255
Hexadecimal color definition # 012169 # FFC72C #FFFFFF
CMYK 100-85-0-39 0-16-89-0 0-0-0-0

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