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Flag of france
Flag of France.svg

Vexillological symbol : National flag on land?
Aspect ratio: 2: 3
Officially accepted: First hoisted on
May 20, 1794,
last reintroduced on March 5, 1848
Flag of the FLNKS Independence Party
Flag of FLNKS.svg

Vexillological symbol : Civic flag?
Aspect ratio: 1: 2
Officially accepted: Request for adoption on July 13, 2010 in connection with the flag of France. The flag has not yet been officially adopted.

The French overseas territory of New Caledonia flies the flag of the Republic, the flag of France . Since 2010 there has been a request from the regional parliament that in addition to the flag of the republic, the flag of the independence party Front de Liberation National Kanak Socialist (FLNKS) should be the official flag of New Caledonia . Although this wish has not yet been legally fulfilled, this controversial flag is now waving in many places.

Description and meaning of the FLNKS flag

Blue stands for the tribes of the coast, green for the tribes of the mountains and red for the alliance that unites them, the blood of the ancestors and the struggle. The yellow disc symbolizes the sun and life. The spear, which serves as a symbol on roofs, commemorates the ancestors and stands for the sovereignty of the Kanaks . It can also be found on the flag of the New Caledonia government.

Sometimes the flag is also used in the 2: 3 format when it is placed next to the French tricolor in order to display both flags in the same size.


The flag of the FLNKS as the unofficial flag of New Caledonia has long been widespread among independence advocates. It was adopted by them on September 24, 1984 and first set on December 1. The FLNKS is a party that seeks independence for New Caledonia. This flag dispute created political instability.

On July 13, 2010 the regional parliament, the so-called Congress of New Caledonia, formulated the wish that in addition to the French tricolor the FLNKS flag should also become the official flag of New Caledonia in the future. Both flags were raised together for the first time on July 17th during a visit by France's Prime Minister François Fillon in front of the High Commission, despite the legal dubiousness. The New Caledonia Congress is entitled to vote for a flag for New Caledonia by Article 5 of the constitutional law (loi organique) No. 99-209 of March 19, 1999, but has not yet done so.

This party flag has been flying at the mayor offices of the municipalities with a FLNKS majority since long before July 13, 2010, often instead of the flag of the Republic, and not in addition.

This flag is also represented as an emoji symbol . (??)

Local authorities

New Caledonia has been divided into three provinces since 1988, each with their own flags.

Individual evidence

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  2. Loi organique n o 99-209 du 19 mars 1999 relative à la Nouvelle Caledonia

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