Saint Martins flag

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Flag of france
Flag of France.svg

Vexillological symbol : National flag on land?
Aspect ratio: 2: 3
Officially accepted: First hoisted on
May 20, 1794,
last reintroduced on March 5, 1848

As a French overseas territory , the official flag of Saint-Martin is the flag of France .

Unofficial flag

Flag was proposed but never officially adopted? Design for a flag of Saint Martin

An unofficial Saint-Martin flag has been reported since the mid-1990s, but its real use is unclear. On a blue background there is a white triangle at the top, the lower tip of which ends in a white stripe. In the center there is a red triangle and above it half a yellow disc. Speculation about the draft has led to a flag that was supposed to serve Saint-Martin's tourist marketing, but was not introduced, to the point of the assumption that it was simply an invention with no real background. The latter seems to be underpinned by the resemblance of the design to a glass of martini , suggesting a play on the island's name. In the meantime, however, the flag appears again and again on the Internet as the "Saint-Martin flag", but without ever having been officially confirmed.

Another flag, which, however, would correspond to the usual conditions in French overseas territories, is supposed to represent the coat of arms of Saint-Martin on a white background. This flag has also not been officially adopted by any official body.

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