Vanuatu flag

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Vanuatu flag
Flag of Vanuatu.svg

Vexillological symbol : National flag on land, trade and service flag at sea?
Aspect ratio: officially 19:36
Officially accepted: July 30, 1980
Edward Natapei (center) with the Vanuatu flag

The Vanuatu flag was officially adopted in 1980.


The national flag used today came from the party colors of the Vanuaaku Party , which led the country to independence in 1980 . The design was created by Kalontas Mahlon from the island of Emau , and decided by a parliamentary committee several months before independence. The strips arranged in the ratio 39: 6: 5: 6: 39 have the following meaning:

  • Yellow represents the sunshine, the peace and enlightenment brought about by Christianity
  • Green refers to the wealth of the islands
  • Red symbolizes the blood of sacrificed pigs, as well as the blood of the people and the strength of traditions
  • Black represents the Melanesian population.

From the left, a black triangle with a yellow-black border protrudes into the flag until 7:15 am. The resulting Y-shape of the yellow bar indicates the arrangement of the islands in the Pacific Ocean . A yellow emblem in a black triangle, two crossed fern leaves in a tusk of a boar , stand for peace or prosperity, since owning pigs means wealth.

There are different proportions of this flag. The official aspect ratio is 19:36, but it is also given as 3: 5 or 11:18.

The flag was officially introduced on February 18, 1980 and the emblem on July 30 of the same year.

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Flag history

Between 1889 and 1906, under Anglo-French control, a white and red vertical bicolor with a blue rectangle with 5 stars in the center was in use. The British administration of the New Hebrides condominium then used a Blue Ensign with an emblem in the flight section until 1980 . The emblem was a crown - until 1953 the Tudor crown , then the Edwardian crown - surrounded by the words New Hebrides in a full white circle. The commissioner had his own Union flag with the same emblem in the center. The French administration used the flag of France .

Specially designed flags were used at the South Pacific Games in 1963 and 1966.

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