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Cook Islands flag
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Vexillological symbol : Civil and service flags on land, commercial and service flags at sea?
Aspect ratio: 1: 2
Officially accepted: 4th August 1979

The flag of the Cook Islands consists of 15 stars arranged in a circle on a Blue Ensign . The stars represent the 15 islands of the country, the circle the unity of the islands. The Union Jack indicates the historical ties to New Zealand and membership in the Commonwealth of Nations . The blue represents the vast Pacific Ocean that surrounds the islands and indicates the peaceful nature of the residents. The flag was officially introduced on August 4, 1979.


The Kingdom of Rarotonga , which was independent until 1888 , carried a red, white and red flag with three blue stars. In 1888 the kingdom became a British protectorate. The Union Jack was as Gösch added to the flag. In 1893 the three stars were removed. In 1895, British residents introduced a Blue Ensign with a crown on a white disc. In 1900 Great Britain annexed the islands; New Zealand took over the administration . Accordingly, the Union Jack was used until 1902 and the current flag of New Zealand until 1973 . On August 4, 1965, the Cook Islands were given internal autonomy and in 1973 their own flag: 15 gold stars in a circle on a green background. Yellow symbolized the people and green symbolized life and eternal growth. In 1979 they switched back to a Blue Ensign with the 15, now white stars.

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