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A speedster at a US football game between Harvard and Yale in 2006

A runabout is the term used to describe people who walk through the action at public events or squares in order to attract attention, and they are often completely or partially unclothed. Flitzer became particularly well-known for major sporting events, as their appearance there enables them to attract attention beyond the local audience thanks to the direct TV broadcast. In the UK, bare speedsters are known as streakers and when dressed as pranksters . Some speedsters want to spread a political or other message, others are about self-expression, attention or provocation. The television stations are urged by some large sports associations not to show speedsters if possible, in order to prevent the incentive of TV presentation.


"Flitz" refers to a fast forward movement. The term “speedster” arose from running away from security forces or the police.

A small, sporty (fast) car is colloquially referred to as a “speedster”. "City-Flitzer" is a term used in the traffic press for small cars, even if they are not faster than larger cars.


A clothed runabout is overwhelmed by folders in the 2014 Australian Football match WCE v Collingwood at Patersons Stadium .

The first major sporting event at which a streaker appeared and made aware of the phenomenon in a wider circle, was the rugby game England against France on 20 April 1974 Twickenham Stadium , where the 25-year-old Australian Michael O'Brien naked ran across the field. The subsequent photo, in which Police Constable Bruce Perry covered the delinquent's genitals with his police helmet, became widely known.

In the USA , there has been an increase in speeding since the 1990s. A traditional event was the " Naked Mile " in Ann Arbor ( Michigan ). Every April at the University of Michigan, naked students walked around the campus until the authorities put an end to the event in 2001.

An unusually large number of speedsters, namely more than half a dozen , ran across the field in Tbilisi at the end of March 2015, both during and after the European Football Championship qualifying match between Georgia and Germany .


In Germany, Flitzen can constitute an administrative offense according to § 118 OWiG . In addition, after a streaker can § 123 of the Criminal Code for trespassing commit an offense. Speedsters are also regularly banned from entering the premises.

In Austria, Flitzen is punished by the security authorities as an administrative violation of decency .

On May 2, 2006, the Rostock Higher Regional Court ruled that the second division soccer team FC Hansa Rostock had sued three stadium racers for € 20,000 in damages , which the club had previously had to pay to the DFB for inadequately securing the field.


In 1974 the singer Ray Stevens had a number one hit in the USA and Great Britain with the song The Streak - the story about a speedster - and number 43 in Germany.

In Austria, Georg Danzer had his first and only number one hit in 1975 with , which was about a naked person in the legendary Café Hawelka , and thus made his breakthrough as a songwriter.

In Spain , the otherwise prudish censors of the Franco regime in the 1970s allowed it to be featured in the news, pronouncing the English word streaking in Spanish and distinguishing between estrikin (completely naked) and semiestrikin (half-naked).

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