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Folkwang ( old north. Fólkvangr - "people's field") is one of the gods' palaces in Asgard and the residence of the goddess Freya in Norse mythology . This is where the Sessrumnir room is located , which, alongside Valhalla, forms one of the two large halls into which the fallen heroes move after their death.

“Volkwang is the ninth: Freyja has the power
to arrange the seats in the hall.
She chooses half of the Walstatt daily,
Odin has the other half. "

- Edda , Grímnismál , verse 14

Folkwang thought

At the beginning of the 20th century, Karl Ernst Osthaus developed the “Folkwang Thought” (also known as the “Folkwang Concept”), according to which art and life can be reconciled. On this basis, several cultural institutions were founded that bear or carried the name Folkwang .

This includes: