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Franca Valeri (2011)

Franca Valeri (actually Alma Franca Maria Norsa ; born July 31, 1920 in Milan ; † August 9, 2020 in Rome ) was an Italian actress and screenwriter . Her active creative time spanned more than 60 years.


Franca Valeri was born as Alma Franca Maria Norsa in Milan in 1920. Her father was Jewish, which is why he and her brother had to flee to Switzerland . She and her non-Jewish mother were able to stay in Italy thanks to a forged identity.

Valeri began her career in 1949 with radiosketches. Her stage name, which she has had since the early 1950s, pays homage to the French poet Paul Valéry . Valeri got her first film role in Lights of the Varieté in 1950 . In the following decades she starred in several dozen Italian film productions, including several leading roles. Valeri's best-known films include A Hero of Our Days (as Widow De Ritis ) and No Closed Season for Blondes (as Contessa Bernardi ). She worked as a film actress until 2014.

Valeri also worked as a screenwriter. Among other things, she wrote the script for the love comedy Men Like It in 1955 and for the film drama When love beckons in 1968 . In both films Valeri also acted as an actress. She also wrote screenplays for Italian television series, television films, plays and operas.

In 2011 Valeri received the Capri Legend Award for her life's work for her services. In the course of her career she was nominated for a total of three Silver Ribbon Awards from the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists for best actress.

Franca Valeri during an appearance (1990)

In addition to her work as a film actress, Valeri also worked as a theater actress. In January 2008 she played the role of Solane in Le bonnes at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano . Valeri gave her last theater performance in 2015 at the age of 95.

In 2011 Valeri was dedicated to Franca, la prima, a documentary of his own. On the occasion of her 99th birthday, several events have been held in her honor across the country since July 2019, including a screening of the film Men Like It at the Royal Palace in Turin, which Valeri helped write, and an exhibition in Rome . The events continued until the actress' 100th birthday on July 31, 2020, which was celebrated with a performance of the play La vedova Socrate in her hometown of Milan.

Franca Valeri was married to the actor Vittorio Caprioli from 1960 to 1974 . The marriage remained childless and was divorced. Valeri lived in Fleming, an affluent neighborhood in Rome. Her adopted daughter is the soprano Stefania Bonfadelli . Franca Valeri died nine days after her 100th birthday.

Filmography (selection)


  • 1950: Lights of the Varieté (Luci del varietà)
  • 1951: I Due sergenti
  • 1952: Totò a colori
  • 1953: Villa Borghese
  • 1954: Questi fantasmi
  • 1955: Piccola posta
  • 1955: Men like it that way ( Il segno di Venere; also as a screenwriter)
  • 1955: The girls from office 04 (Le signorine dello 04)
  • 1955: A hero of our days (Un eroe dei nostri tempi)
  • 1956: Bigamy is no pleasure (Il bigamo)
  • 1957: No closed season for blondes (La Ragazza del Palio)
  • 1957: Husbands in the city (Mariti in città)
  • 1959: The Widower (Il vedovo)
  • 1959: Arrangiatevi!
  • 1959: Non perdiamo la testa
  • 1959: Il moralista
  • 1960: Rocco and his brothers (Rocco ei suoi fratelli)
  • 1960: The corpse is in the wrong suitcase (Crimen)
  • 1961: Leoni al sole
  • 1962: I motorizzati
  • 1963: I cuori infranti
  • 1963: Il giorno più corto
  • 1963: Gli onorevoli
  • 1963: Le motorizzate
  • 1966: Io, io, io… e gli altri
  • 1968: When love beckons ( Scusi, facciamo l'amore ?; also as a screenwriter)
  • 1970: Basta guardarla
  • 1972: The horse came without socks (Ettore lo fusto)
  • 1974: The late bloomer (Ultimo tango a Zagarol)
  • 1974: La signora gioca bene a scopa?
  • 1976: L'Italia s'è rotta
  • 1980: Two camels on a horse (C'est pas moi, c'est lui)
  • 1980: First class (Un amore in prima classe)
  • 2014: Non tutto è risolto (TV movie)


  • 1955: Men like it that way (Il segno di Venere)
  • 1968: When love beckons (Scusi, facciamo l'amore?)
  • 2014: Non tutto è risolto (TV movie)

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