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Franz Pompejus (* before 1790; † May 28, 1811 in Glatz ) was a German publisher , printer and bookseller in Glatz.


Franz Pompejus, who came from Silesia , acquired his father-in-law Joseph Teichmann's printing press, which was in economic decline, in 1790. In order to bring them up again, he bought three more presses . He also founded his own foundry , with which he could produce various letters and fonts. The works he printed were widely recognized. In 1799 he printed a devotional book in Czech with pious songs for visiting the pilgrimage sites in Albendorf .

Succession through "Pompey's heirs"

After the death of Franz Pompejus in 1811, his widow Theresia, b. Teichmann, together with the guardian of the eldest son Franz August, continued the print shop until he came of age. He took it over on September 29, 1817. Franz August Pompejus made special contributions to the history of the County of Glatz with the printing of the multi-volume "Chronicles of the County of Glatz" by Joseph Kögler . By the end of the 1840s he also published the calendar “Der Wanderer”, which had an annual circulation of up to 24,000 copies. 1840 wrote Franz August Pompey the "Memorandum on the 400th Jubilee anniversary of the invention of printing art and the Fiftieth of Glaetzer Offizin in the family Pompey". In it the names of the fourteen employees of the Pompejus'schen stone and copper printing works and the bookshop are given. There are also short notes about the former Glatzer book printers. In 1917 the memorandum was in the Royal and University Library in Wroclaw .

Franz August Pompejus owned the print shop until 1868. He was followed by his son Otto Pompejus, who, however, sold it to the publisher Julius Jenkner in 1869.

Works (selection)

Printed in the publishing house of Franz Pompejus or by his heirs in Glatz
  • God is my help, my trust , after 1790
  • The understanding and cautious bride: that is necessary instruction, how a virtuous virgin ... should behave carefully and cautiously , after 1790
  • Healthy contemplation or litany of the bitter suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christi [!] ... , after 1790
  • The honorable groom in honor, that is true instruction, how those bachelors ... should act ... carefully ... , after 1790
  • Nicolaus Schreiber: The suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ in homiletic speeches divided into three years and presented - year 1-3 , 1792
  • The middle tree garden in large print contains very strong and graceful morning, evening, mass, vespers, confession and communion prayers, as well as to the most precious sacrament of the altar and the most holy trinity, to the Mother of God and the saints, to the holy. Antonio of Padua ...
  • JR von Reden: Sermon on the last evening of the 1793th year , 1793
  • The newly planted myrrh garden of bitter suffering, in which the most powerful morning, evening, mass, vespers, confession and communion prayers, directed towards the suffering of Christ, are included. But now again ... read over and improved ... , 1793
  • Brief description of the miraculous image of grace Mariae in Warta ...
  • Ignatz Mertian: Sunday Evenings - Volume 1: A book of edification for Catholic Christians , approx. 1799
  • Písně pautnické Nawsstěwowánj Kaplich V Milostiwého obrazů Marye Panny w Wambeřicych ... w od Pánu zesnuleho Pána Danihele Pascasia z Osterberku založené, a wystawené sauce: k Wraucnému rozgimánj přehořkého Vmučenj, smrti Krysta Gežjsse .... 1799 ( Czech ) [W Glaczku , Wytisstěno u Frantisska Pompejusa] 1799
  • Anton Alexander Magni : Magic of Memory: Dedicated to Her Majesty the most noble ... Luise, the reigning Queen of Prussia ...
  • Marian heart devotion, which is to be performed in front of a ... grace portrait of ... the Queen of Heaven, of whom pious ... pilgrims are to be performed ... , 1800
  • Eighteenth century curriculum vitae . - Supplement volume, approx. 1800
  • Eighteenth century curriculum vitae . - Volume two. Week 1-52, ca.1800
  • The Most Memorable Anniversaries in Silesia , 1802–1804
  • The most memorable anniversaries in Silesia ; with 4 coppers. - 1803
  • Thomas F. Tiede: The most memorable anniversaries in Silesia ; with 6 coppers., 1804
  • Glätzische Miscellen , 1812
  • The Campaign from 1813 to the Armistice , 1813


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