Freiburg (A 1413)

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FRG Naval Ensign
The Freiburg 1991
Ship class: Class 701
Type ship: Luneburg
Call sign / identifier: A 1413
Development / construction yard: Blohm + Voss / Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Flensburg
Keel laying: 1965 building no. 843
Launch: April 15, 1966
Commissioning: May 27, 1968
Association membership Supply squadron in Wilhelmshaven
Displacement: 3984 t
Length over all: 118.75 m
Width: 13.23 m
Draft: 4.2 m

Diesel (Maybach)

2 × 4,120 kW
(2 × 5,600 PS)
2 waves with
2 controllable pitch propellers
Speed: 17 knots
Crew: 99 men as the permanent crew

2 × 40 mm Breda double mount
2 × chaff rocket launchers
2 × ship-to-air missile
defense Fliegerfaust FLF2 Mine
throwing capacity
Torpedo deception system Hand

The supply ship Freiburg was a supply ship of the German Navy from 1968 to 2003 .

The ship

The Freiburg supplier was the third of a total of eight suppliers in the Lüneburg class .

As part of the class 701 construction program , the ship was built and put into service for the 2nd Supply Squadron on May 27, 1968 with the Hull Number A 1413 and the international callsign DSFP, under Order No. 319, Navy. Simultaneously with the Freiburg , Blohm + Voss in Hamburg put the sister ship Offenburg , which was stern to stern with the Freiburg at the shipyard pier, into service for the 1st supply squadron.

The Freiburg was subordinate to the 2nd supply squadron in Wilhelmshaven, but was stationed at the base in Cuxhaven on the North Sea, where it first moored on May 29, 1968 at 2 p.m.

The new home port for the Freiburg was the naval base Heppenser Groden in Wilhelmshaven on September 30, 1969 .

In 1981 the Freiburg received a new call sign due to extensive reorganization of the international call signs of NATO . The new callsign was DRKC .

From 1983 to 1984, due to the increased supply requirements of the fleet in Bremerhaven , the Freiburg was extended by 14.50 m at MWB and also provided with a helicopter landing deck. From then on it was run as a class 701 E unit.

From March 14, 1991 to September 13, 1991, the utility took part in Operation South Flank , a mine clearance operation in the Persian Gulf during the First Gulf Crisis.

In the middle of 1995 the reorganization from boat to ship took place, whereby the post of chief officer was established on board. From 2003 the ship took part in Operation Enduring Freedom in the 1st and 3rd contingents in the Horn of Africa.

The Freiburg crossed the equator and the Arctic Circle several times and passed all the famous canals in the world with the exception of the Panama Canal , which a ship of this size can pass. In total, the Freiburg sailed around 480,000 nautical miles, 240,000 of them in the last ten years. She visited more than 100 different ports in North, Central and South America, in Africa, Asia (except East Asia) and Europe. In total, more than 1,100 soldiers served on the Freiburg . The Freiburg has never lost a man in the lake.

After the sale to Uruguay was decided, extensive conversions, overhauls and repairs were carried out in the naval arsenal (MArs) in Wilhelmshaven.

The coat of arms of Freiburg , the coat of arms of the city of Freiburg im Breisgau

Transport capacity

  • 1200 m³ fuel,
  • 200 m³ fresh water,
  • 400 t ammunition,
  • 1000 t of supplies

The crest

The coat of arms of the Freiburg, like that of the eponymous city, shows a red cross on a white background. It is the coat of arms of St. George . As in the coat of arms, the flag has a red cross on a white background. It is identical to the flag of England . It is mainly hoisted as an upright flag, but can also be seen horizontally. This flag has been used since around 1368.

Flag of Freiburg
Patch of the Freiburg

The sister ships

  • A1411 Lüneburg ( 1965–1994 )
  • A1412 Coburg ( 1965–1991 )
  • A1414 Glücksburg ( 1966-2003 )
  • A1415 Saarburg ( 1966–1994 )
  • A1416 Nienburg ( 1966–1998 )
  • A1417 Offenburg ( 1966–1993 )
  • A1418 Meersburg ( 1966-2004 )


On December 17, 2003 at 10:00 am, the supply ship "Freiburg" was decommissioned in the naval arsenal in Wilhelmshaven. The last commandant, Corvette Captain Martin Waldmann, gave the speech on the decommissioning.

Commissioned as General Artigas

On April 6, 2005, the former supplier “Freiburg” was put into service as “ General Artigas ” by the inspector of the Uruguayan Navy ( Vice Admiral Daners ) at the Wilhelmshaven naval base .

The crew

The usual crew of the ship consisted of 99 soldiers:

  • 7 officers
  • 11 Portepee NCOs
  • 26 NCOs
  • 55 team ranks

The commanders

In the 35 years of service of the Freiburg, 13 commanders did their service on board.

Surname Beginning of the term of office Term expires annotation
Corvette Captain Rudolf Dau May 27, 1968 September 30, 1969
Corvette Captain Ernst Hauenstein 01st October 1969 September 30, 1971
Corvette Captain Peter Petersen 01st October 1971 March 21, 1974
Corvette Captain Horst Hopf March 22, 1974 November 15, 1976
Corvette Captain Wolf-Dieter Hoffmann November 16, 1976 September 30, 1981
Corvette Captain Jürgen Lehmann 0October 1, 1981 May 23, 1986
Corvette Captain Rudolf Brosig May 23, 1986 September 28, 1989
Corvette Captain dR Emmo Berends March 29, 1989 April 14, 1989 Deputy in command
Corvette Captain Bernd Jordan April 14, 1989 03rd July 1989 Deputy in command
Corvette Captain Jürgen Maruschke September 28, 1989 September 27, 1990
Corvette Captain Rolf Gerriets September 27, 1990 April 22, 1994
Corvette Captain Ingo Ullrich April 22, 1994 September 30, 1995
Corvette Captain Johann Driendl September 30, 1995 September 26, 1997
Corvette Captain Manfred Wilbert September 26, 1997 0June 9, 2000
Captain Martin Waldmann 0April 5, 2000 0June 9, 2000 Deputy in command
Corvette Captain Martin Waldmann 0June 9, 2000 September 30, 2003

The former occupation

On December 17, 2003, 25 former crew members in Wilhelmshaven founded the “Troßschiff Freiburg” group of friends. It was stipulated that mutual visits between the Freundeskreis and the Marine-Kameradschaft Freiburg von 1911 e. V. should take place. The penultimate commander, Frigate Captain Manfred Wilbert, was elected 1st chairman .

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