Friedrich Ludger Kleinheidt

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Friedrich Ludger Kleinheidt

Friedrich Ludger Kleinheidt (born April 26, 1830 in Heisingen (today Essen-Heisingen), † November 25, 1894 in Cologne ) was Vicar General of the Archbishop of Cologne from 1886 to 1894 .

In Freiburg to Dr. theol. Kleinheidt received his doctorate and attended the Essen Royal High School on Burgplatz in Essen . He was ordained a priest on November 14, 1852 in Cologne and then worked as a chaplain in the parish of St. Dionysius in Krefeld . Since December 15, 1854, as a repetitee at the Theologenkonvikt Collegium Albertinum in Bonn , he was appointed religion teacher at the Quirinus Gymnasium in Neuss on September 15, 1859 .

After he had been pastor of the Cologne parish of St. Maria in the Kupfergasse since September 15, 1865 , he was appointed cathedral capitular on October 2, 1866, and on October 11, 1868, he was appointed president of the seminary . After he had lost this position when the seminary was closed on November 10, 1875, Archbishop Philippus Krementz appointed him his vicar general on January 25, 1886.

On March 5, 1893, Kleinheidt was appointed papal house prelate for his services to the training of theologians . On August 5, 1893, he was promoted to Cologne cathedral dean . Kleinheidt died on November 25, 1894 and was buried in the chapter vault in the Melaten cemetery .

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