Fritz Klee

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Fritz Klee (born August 24, 1876 in Würzburg , † December 12, 1976 in Stuttgart ) was a German porcelain designer and architect. As the founding director and long-time professor at the State Porcelain School in Selb , he shaped it from 1908 to 1939.


After studying architecture at the Technical University in Munich , Klee worked for the Munich City Building Authority from 1904 to 1908. Here, among other things, he was the artistic director of the construction office of the Schwabing hospital , where five mosaics made according to his design still decorate the facade of the main building. In 1907 he was offered the management of the State Porcelain School in Selb, which was to be newly founded, and remained its director until 1939. From 1917 to 1922 Klee was also artistic director of the art department of Lorenz Hutschenreuther AG , for which he made a large number of designs until 1939. In his free time he made hand puppets, with which he and friends put on plays. After finishing his activities in Selb, Klee and his wife Frieda moved to Stuttgart-Sillenbuch in 1939 . He made drawings and collages well into old age.


  • Designs for porcelain from the Hutschenreuther and Paul Müller brands
  • Exhibition posters and ex libris , Hutschenreuther logo
  • Design for the showroom of the Rosenthal company at the 1910 World Exhibition in Brussels
  • Design of the building for the State Porcelain School, today the main building of the Technical School for Product Design
  • Design of the reception building of the Selb train station ( entry list of monuments )
  • Theater puppets, today in the Munich City Museum
  • Late work: abstract drawings and collages

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