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Fritz Simrock
Fritz Simrock

Fritz August Simrock (born January 2, 1837 in Bonn , † August 20, 1901 in Ouchy , Lausanne ) was a German music publisher.


Fritz Simrock was the youngest son of Peter Joseph Simrock and the grandson of Nikolaus Simrock . He completed his studies in Bonn, where he joined the Corps Palatia in 1858 . Afterwards he took over the music publisher N. Simrock, which had existed in Bonn since 1793, from his father and grandfather on January 1st, 1870. In the autumn of the same year he moved the company headquarters to Berlin . From 1872 Simrock lived there in a villa in Berlin-Tiergarten , Am Karlsbad 3, which was open to all artists.

Under his direction and through his operation, the publishing house published the works of important composers of the time, including Johannes Brahms , Max Bruch , Antonín Dvořák and Johann Strauss .

His wife Clara Franzisca Angelica Hubertina b. Heimann (born June 22, 1839 in Bonn; † April 30, 1928 in Berlin), a descendant of the Farina family of perfumers , achieved fame through matinees and soirees organized by her with her husband's artists in Berlin. The music publisher Robert Emil Lienau writes in his memoir:

“In his home“ Am Carlsbad 3 ”, Mrs. Clara was the loveliest mistress and landlady. The publisher's musicians and artists came and went there, and this casual hospitality was the finest promotional tool for the publisher. […] Famous in Berlin were the musical evening celebrations in the Simrock house, which were later replaced by the so-called matinées. At the time, these were more sought-after than the concerts that were open to everyone. "

The singer Amalie Joachim , her husband, the violinist Joseph Joachim and the pianist Clara Schumann were also frequent guests of the Simrock'schen Villa .

After the death of Fritz Simrock the publishing house was continued by his nephew Hans Simrock.


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