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Beatrix Borchard (* 1950 in Lingen (Ems) ) is a German musicologist and author . Your publication focuses include: a. Life and work of musicians, etc. a. by Robert and Clara Schumann , Pauline Viardot-Garcia , Amalie and Joseph Joachim , Adriana Hölszky , the role of music in the Jewish acculturation process , history of interpretation and strategies of music communication .


Beatrix Borchard, grew up in Lingen (Ems) , studied musicology, German literature and history in Bonn and Berlin and did her doctorate on Clara Wieck and Robert Schumann. 2000 habilitation them with an interpretation of history study of Amalie and Joseph Joachim. She is the editor of the Viardot Garcia Studies, the online dictionary MUGI, and together with Kerstin Schüssler-Bach of the Brahms Studies.

Beatrix Borchard taught musicology at the Berlin University of the Arts (now Berlin University of the Arts ) for ten years and worked at home and abroad for the Goethe Institute , especially in the People's Republic of China , Portugal and Romania . After a short stopover as a professor of musicology at the musicological seminar in Detmold-Paderborn , she accepted an appointment at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater in 2002 . Here she heads a research project funded by the DFG on the subject of places and ways of European cultural mediation through music.

Beatrix Borchard is the author of numerous radio features, often moderates concerts and has made two films so far, documentaries about Clara Schumann ( NDR 1996) and about house music (NDR 1997). She has worked on other music films. A documentary about the sisters Maria Malibran and Pauline Viardot-Garcia is in planning.

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