Fusion Factor - When power becomes a deadly threat

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German title Fusion Factor - When power becomes a deadly threat
Original title Power play
Country of production USA , Canada
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Joseph Zito
script BJ Davis
Adrian Fulle
Brent Huff
Douglas L. Walton
production Chevonne O'Shaughnessy
George Samieh
music Joseph Bishara
camera Gideon Porath
cut Howard Flaer
Florent Retz
Richard Trevor

Fusion Factor - When power turns into deadly danger (Original title: Power Play ) is an American action film directed by Joseph Zito from 2002 with Dylan Walsh , Alison Eastwood , Tobin Bell and Brixton Karnes .


The journalist Matt Nash gets into trouble again and again during his investigation. He was shot while doing research in the drug environment and only survived thanks to a bulletproof vest . His editor-in-chief wants to fire him because she fears for the good reputation of her newspaper, the Examiner . However, she gives him one last chance and instructs him to do a supposedly harmless search for three missing environmental activists. These broke into the company headquarters of the energy supply company Saturn Energy and stole data about a secret project. The three activists were discovered and killed by employees of the company under the direction of the security chief Clemens.

Matt contacts the group and gains entry to a secret company site outside of town. There he discovers that the company is looking for an alternative energy source . Under the direction of a former energy minister, they are working on a new technology that will make the country independent of fossil fuels . In the trial run, you gain access to the Los Angeles power grid and for the time of the trial run the conventional power supply is bridged with the experimentally generated electricity. This also explains the power outages that have hit the city for some time. However, the technology has a decisive disadvantage: when the energy is generated, an enormous amount of heat is generated that has to be dissipated. It is conducted into the ground on the company premises. However, there is a crack in the ground under the site, which leads to an uncontrolled dissipation of heat. An employee of the company finds out that this is causing more earthquakes in the city. He wants to warn the public about the experiments, but is killed in an explosion.

Meanwhile, Matt has won the trust of Gabrielle St. John, an executive at the company. With their help, he exposes the crime against the three environmental activists. Meanwhile, the preparations for a final experiment in the research facility are in full swing. For the first time, the system is to be operated at full power. However, this threatens a huge earthquake that could destroy the entire city. Matt and Gabrielle gain access to the research site again. They manage to sabotage the facility in such a way that it is ultimately destroyed. The ex-minister, Clemens and his employees are arrested.


  • The film was first released on DVD in Germany on August 25, 2003.


"Action film packed with flimsy effects that garnishes its orgy of destruction with the usual ingredients."

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