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Galaxidi municipality
Δημοτική Ενότητα Γαλαξιδίου
Galaxidi (Greece)
Basic data
State : GreeceGreece Greece
Region : Central Greece


Regional District : Fokida
Municipality : Delfi
Geographic coordinates : 38 ° 22 '  N , 22 ° 23'  E Coordinates: 38 ° 22 '  N , 22 ° 23'  E
Height above d. M .: 10 m
Area : 126.088 km²
Residents : 2,989 (2011)
Population density : 23.7 inhabitants / km²
Code No .: 310102
Structure: f12f124 local communities
Located in the municipality of Delfi and the regional district of Fokida
File: DE Galaxidiou.svg

Galaxidi ( Greek Γαλαξίδι , until 1940 Γαλαξείδιον ( n. Sg. )) Is a small town and since 2011 a municipality of the municipality of Delfi in central Greece . The village is located in a bay of the Gulf of Corinth, southwest of the Oracle of Delphi , south of Amfissa and southwest of Itea .

In ancient times the place was called Chalaion ( ancient Greek Χάλαιον ) or Chaleion ( Χάλειον ) and was a city of the western Lokrians on the border with Phocis . Galaxidi achieved importance and prosperity in the 18th and 19th centuries.

During that time Galaxidi was the seat of one of the most powerful merchant fleets in the Mediterranean . The witnesses of this heyday, the typical captain's houses , have been preserved to this day and are often preserved and cared for by their direct descendants. On the hill between the two ports of Galaxidi stand two magnificent churches from the 18th century.

Since 1995 there has been a community above Galaxidi, in the Keramou district, in which people with various physical and mental disabilities live, work and spend their free time together. The so-called " Estia Agios Nikolaos " tries to enable different people to live together. The model for this German-Greek initiative is the Lebensgemeinschaft e. V. in Sassen / Germany. Founders are Doris and Kurt Eisenmeier (D). This project is unique in this form in Greece.

Galaxidi is also known for the annual flour battle ( Greek αλευρομουτσούρεμα alevromutsurema ) on Kathara Deftera , the Monday of the Orthodox Carnival, which ushers in Lent.

Administrative division

As part of the municipal reform in 1997 , the new municipality Galaxidi was formed through the incorporation of three rural municipalities, with the municipal administration in the small town of Galaxidi. In the course of the administrative reform in 2010, this municipality was merged with seven others to form the municipality of Delfi and has since had the status of a municipal district. This is divided into four local communities.

Local community Greek name code Area (km²) Residents 2011 Villages and settlements
Agii Pandes Τοπική Κοινότητα Αγίων Πάντων 31010202 22.096 315 Agii Pandes, Nei Agii Pandes, Paralia Agion Pandon
Vounichora Τοπική Κοινότητα Βουνιχώρας 31010203 32.692 414 Vounichora
Galaxidi Τοπική Κοινότητα Γαλαξιδίου 31010201 47.906 2011 Galaxidi, Agios Georgios (uninhabited island), Apsifia (uninhabited island)
Pendeoria Τοπική Κοινότητα Πεντεορίων 31010204 23,394 249 Pendeoria
total 310102 126.088 2989

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