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Gallus Maria Manser OP (born June 25, 1866 in Brülisau in the Rüte district as Joseph Anton Manser , † February 20, 1950 in Freiburg ) was a Swiss philosopher and Catholic theologian .

Live and act

Gallus Maria Manser, born in 1866 as the son of District Judge Josef Manser, obtained the academic degree Dr. theol . In 1897 Manser entered the Dominican order . From 1899 to 1942 Manser taught as a professor of logic , ontology and history of medieval philosophy at the University of Freiburg , where he was also appointed rector between 1914 and 1918 . Gallus Maria Manser died in Freiburg in 1950 at the age of 83.

Manser's main philosophical and theological work represents the thesis that the Aristotelian doctrine of act and potency , as reinterpreted and modified by Thomas Aquinas , constitutes the "essence of Thomism ". Manser is a proponent of the philosophy-historical thesis that scholastic thinking entered a crisis in the 14th century . In the Thomistic tradition, Manser represents an enduring importance of natural law .

Work (selection)

  • The essence of Thomism. 1932, 3rd edition 1949.
  • The mental crisis of the 14th century: Speech given on November 16, 1914 , Freiburg (Switzerland) 1914. Limited preview in Google Book Search - USA


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