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A series of journalism textbooks is known under the title Journalistic Practice or Yellow Series . It was founded in 1975 with the volume "Introduction to practical journalism" by Walther von La Roche .


At the beginning the books were published by List-Verlag , Munich. With the checkered history of List Verlag, the book series also changed hands several times. In 2006 she moved from List to Econ within the Ullstein Group . The books have been published by Springer VS in Wiesbaden since 2013 .

Walther von La Roche was editor of the book series until his death in 2010. Gabriele Hooffacker had already been accepted into the editorial team in 2006 . She has been publishing the series since 2010.


The yellow books and the websites for each book convey practical journalistic knowledge. Many books have been revised and updated many times since they were first published. From the beginning, the distinguishing feature of the volumes is the yellow cover. That is why the books were affectionately called the "yellow series" by students and journalism students. Since 2013, most of the titles in the series have also been available as e-books .

Among the most famous books are

New topics and titles in the series (selection):

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