Geoffrey de Mandeville (constable)

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Geoffrey de Mandeville († around 1100 ) was constable of the Tower from the Mandeville family .

Its name refers to the place (Thil-) Manneville ( Magnavilla , Mannevilla ). He was one of the important landowners listed in the Domesday Book and one of the great magnates of the time of King William I , who had enfeoffed him with extensive estates, especially in Essex and ten other counties. He served as sheriff in London and Middlesex , presumably also in Essex and Hertfordshire .

Geoffrey de Mandeville entered into two marriages, the first to Athelaise (Adeliza), the second to Lescelina. From his first marriage he had a son, William de Mandeville , who became his heir, and a daughter, Beatrix, who married Geoffroi de Boulogne, Lord of Carshalton , probably an illegitimate son of Count Eustach II of Boulogne and thus a half-brother of Gottfried of Bouillon , Eustach III. of Boulogne and King Baldwin I of Jerusalem ( House of Boulogne ). The second marriage was childless.

Geoffrey and Lescelina are the founders of Hurley Abbey as an offshoot of Westminster Abbey .

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