Georgenberg (Enns)

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height 278  m above sea level A.
location City of Enns
Mountains Traun-Enns-Riedelland (Alpine foothills)
Coordinates 48 ° 12 '58 "  N , 14 ° 28' 54"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 12 '58 "  N , 14 ° 28' 54"  E
Georgenberg (Enns) (Upper Austria)
Georgenberg (Enns)
rock Conglomerate, gravel sand ( high terrace )
particularities Temple Mount of Lauriacum ; Old Ennsburg ; today Enns Castle Park ( Ennsegg )

The Georgenberg is one of the city ​​mountains of Enns in Upper Austria .

Location and landscape

The mountain forms the north-eastern spur of the pre-alpine Traun-Enns-Platte , and rises at about 278  m above sea level. A. a good 30 meters over the lowlands of Linzer Feld and Unterem Ennstal . It is in front of the city mountain of Enns, on which the Enns old town is located. At its foot, northeast towards the Enns , is Unterreintal , to the northwest are the new settlements of Enns around Lorcher Strasse and Maria Anger .

The mountain itself is undeveloped and forms the Ennsegg castle park .


Castle stable of the Alte Ennsburg in the castle park, today a lookout point

There is evidence of Neolithic settlement on the Georgenberg . On the Ennsberg there was probably a Celtic hilltop settlement from which the Roman town of Lauriacum emerged (the Celtic settlement has not been found on the Georgenberg). The earliest Roman traces (end of the 1st century AD) were found at the north foot, the road from Stadlgasse to Mauthausner Strasse crossed the Enns Bridge here. The Georgenberg itself may have served as a quarry , the conglomerate rock of its base was found in the legionary camp. At least from the 3rd to the late 4th century there was a temple area with a cult building and a necropolis on the top .

791 is a Wartberg documented (“ in locum qui dicitur Lorahha in monte nuncupante Uuartperc ”, 'the place called Lorch near the so-called Wartberg'), it is assumed that this is the Georgenberg. Its name appears as such in 1186 through the Georgenberger Handfeste , a Babenberg inheritance treaty that led to the unification of Austria and Styria. This name refers to the Romanesque church of Saint George. In the time of the Magyars and Avars at the end of the early Middle Ages, there was a simple people's castle with a small hilltop settlement made up of huts; an Anesapurch (Ennsburg) is documented by name as early as 901 .

This castle existed until the 15th century and then fell into disrepair, and the [new] Ennsburg was built in its place in the south of the city. In the 1560s Ennsegg Castle was built on the northern edge of the city wall. The old late Gothic castle church still stood on Georgenberg, which also fell into disrepair and was removed down to the foundations around 1600 for building material, and the renaissance garden of the castle was created. The castle stables of the ruins were used as a jump during the Thirty Years War. During this time the name Dirrenberg (' arid mountain') is found here . The mountain area was designed by Prince Vinzenz Auersperg in 1841 as a landscape garden in its current form; it was even then a public recreational area. The hill of the castle ruins has been redesigned into a romantic viewing hill. This vantage point on the mountain edge still exists today. Today the castle park belongs to the city of Enns, which bought it in 2000.


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