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Gisela Jaacks (born August 19, 1944 in Güstrow ) is a German folklorist and former director of the Museum of Hamburg History .


Gisela Jaacks grew up in Lübeck as the daughter of the teacher and rector Gerhard Jaacks. The art historian Günther H. Jaacks (1941–1971), who died early, was her brother.

After graduating from high school, she did an apprenticeship as a bookseller and an internship in publishing. From 1966 she studied folklore and antiquity, history, German, art history, music and theater history at the universities of Hamburg and Kiel .

In 1971 she was awarded a PhD in Hamburg with a folklore dissertation on the Lübeck Folk and Remembrance Festival. phil. PhD. This was followed by a traineeship and then a permanent position at the Museum of Hamburg History. Here she was in charge of the single sheet collection, later also clothing and textiles, paintings and fashion as well as the musical instruments. In 1972 she initiated the series of concerts on the museum's merchant hall .

Since 1993 deputy of the director Jörgen Bracker , she became his successor with effect from January 1st, 2002. She ran the museum until she retired on July 1, 2008. Lisa Kosok was her successor .

From 1986 Gisela Jaacks taught as adjunct professor at the University of the Arts Bremen , the specialist cultural history .


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Gisela Jaacks wrote numerous personal articles for the Hamburg biography .


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