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The term coup de grace or coup de grace ( French : coup de grâce ? / I ) denotes the killing of a living being in order to shorten its suffering . Audio file / audio sample

In humans

In ancient times, the coup de grace was a seriously injured or defeated in the fight Gladiator by his opponent with as Gnadgott or Misericordia designated Blankwaffe added. In the execution of a person, “grace shot” can mean a fatal shot (e.g. headshot ) that is fired from a very short range to kill a person who was not killed by the initial volley or while cycling was able to hit some convicts with a "coup de grace" shortly after the beginning of the procedure, in that the executioner aimed the judging wheel at his neck or heart.

The term is also used when soldiers on the battlefield or in retreat kill seriously wounded comrades or prisoners who cannot be helped, with or without their consent, in order to save them further suffering.

In a figurative sense of grace or is finishing shot also synonym for give someone the rest , save one (alleged) suffering .

The final rescue shot must be strictly defined .

With the animal

The expression “coup de grace” is known in connection with the euthanasia of a seriously injured or sick animal, for example after a game accident or to avert danger in the case of aggressive animals by the police, authorized hunters or veterinarians . The legal basis for the professional killing of vertebrates can, under certain conditions, be the German Police Task Acts or the Animal Welfare Act ( § 4 TSchG).

In Austria, the use of weapons by the police to perform a grace shot (catch shot) on animals is not permitted by law.

The matador's coup de grace on the animal's neck ends the last third of the bullfight ( faena ).

Reception in film and literature

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