Goldbach Group

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Goldbach Group AG

legal form Aktiengesellschaft
(owned by Tamedia AG )
founding 1983/2001 (merger)
Seat Küsnacht , Switzerland
management Michi Frank (Chairman of the Management Board )
Christoph Tonini ( Chairman of the Board of Directors )
Number of employees 381 (March 2019)
Branch media

The companies of the Goldbach Group AG (formerly Goldbach Media AG ) market and convey advertising in private electronic media with a focus on TV, radio, digital outdoor advertising , online as well as search engine and mobile marketing. `The group is based in Switzerland (Küsnacht-Zurich) and is active in the DACH region .

The group employs 381 people, more than half of them in Switzerland (as of March 2019). In 2017, the company generated sales of 511 (previous year: 495) million Swiss francs. From June 2007 to 3 February 2019, the group was on the Swiss Exchange SIX Swiss Exchange listed . Since August 24th 2018 it belongs to the media company TX Group ,


The group's history began in 1983 when the Zurich local broadcaster Radio Z was founded. In 1989 Medien Z AG was founded for marketing in the radio sector. With the founding of IPA-Plus (Schweiz) AG in 1992, which is active in marketing in the TV sector, the growing marketing area included television as well as radio. The sub-areas of television marketing by IPA-Plus and radio marketing by Medien Z were merged and combined in 1995 to form the newly founded brand IP Multimedia (Schweiz) AG. Also in 1995 the Medien Z Holding GmbH was founded, which acted as the parent company of Radio Z and IP Multimedia.

In 2001, Medien Z Holding AG merged with B2B Media Corp., founded in 2000 . , from which Goldbach Media AG emerged to market all electronic, digital and mobile media. In 2002, the Austrian branch Goldbach Media Austria was created after several local companies were merged . The local broadcaster Radio Z, now called Hitradio Z, also received a 49 percent stake in the French NRJ Group in 2002 . In this context, Hitradio Z was renamed Energy Zurich in 2003 and integrated into the NRJ Group's program concept .

After further expansion in Austria, AdLINK Austria was founded in 2006, which was also given a 30 percent stake in AdLINK Germany. In 2007 Goldbach Media decided to focus only on advertising marketing as its core business and to withdraw from the media and content business. In return, it took over 100 percent of AdLINK Switzerland and AdLINK Austria and in return sold its 51 percent stake in Energy Zurich . In 2008 the takeover of ARBOmedia AG from Munich followed, as well as expansion as an online marketer in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia and in 2009 the takeover of the ARBOMedia subsidiary ARBOmedia Polska, followed by the initiation of the squeeze-out for ARBOmedia in 2010 .

The activities of Goldbach in the DACH countries.

The company has been operating as the Goldbach Group since October 2010 .

At the end of 2014, the company parted with the two-thirds majority of the web TV provider Wilmaa.

In 2017 it became known that Tamedia and Goldbach competitor Admeira were negotiating with Goldbach about their takeover. Tamedia was awarded the contract at the end of 2017. The competition commission approved the takeover after an in-depth examination on August 16, 2018; the takeover took place on August 24, 2018.

Since November 5, 2018, the Goldbach companies have been operating as an umbrella brand under the “Goldbach” brand.

The Swiss edition of Die Zeit has been marketed by Goldbach Publishing since April 2020 .

20 Minuten Advertising AG

20 Minuten Advertising AG is a subsidiary of the Goldbach Group and is responsible for the marketing of all 20 Minuten media titles .

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