Grand Etang Lake

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Grand Etang Lake
Grand Etang Lake
Geographical location Saint Andrew (Grenada)
Coordinates 12 ° 5 '49 "  N , 61 ° 41' 46"  W Coordinates: 12 ° 5 '49 "  N , 61 ° 41' 46"  W.
Grand Etang Lake (Grenada)
Grand Etang Lake
Altitude above sea level 550  m
surface 14.6 ha
length 400 m
width 400 m
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Grand Etang Lake , together with the Lake Antoine one of two crater lakes on the Caribbean - island Grenada . It is located in the heart of the island in the Parish Saint Andrew . There is evidence that the crater is related to the Kick-'em-Jenny volcano off the north coast of Grenada.


The name is actually tautological , because it comes from the French , where Étang denotes a body of stagnant water. Grand Etang Lake literally means: Large Pond Lake. The lake is also shown in Grenada's coat of arms under the shield.


The lake forms the heart of the Grand Etang National Park & ​​Forest Reserve . The lake is 550  m above sea level , approx. 4 km northeast of Constantine . It is only about 400 m in diameter, is not as regularly round as Lake Antoine, and is bordered by the crater rim, which at its highest point, about 700 m further north, on the border with Parish St. George, rises to 700 m . Mount Qua Qua can be seen from the lake. On the road that runs from St. George’s in the southwest via Constantine and St. Margaret to Grenville on the east coast, there is a visitor center and about 1.5 km further east there is also the Seven Sisters Falls near St. Cyr .


Legends tell that a mermaid lives in the lake who kidnaps unwary visitors to her underwater castle.


Due to the altitude you can perceive different eco-zones in the national park . Guided tours are available. Hikes around the lake lead through the tropical vegetation and past numerous torrents. There are many lizards, orchids, and armadillos , as well as monkey cats . Species are: Karibenblässhuhn ( Fulica caribaea ), Ruddy Duck ( Oxyura jamaicensis ), Heron, Schneckenweih ( Rostrhamus sociabilis ) serotine Bussard ( Buteo platypterus ; gree-gree, Broad Winged Hawk), Antilles Segler ( Chaetura martinica , Lesser Antillean swift), Antilles organist ( EUPHONIA musica Antillean euphonia), rice finches ( Oryzoborus crassirostris ), gray-bully ( Tyrannus dominicensis ) and Rallenkranich ( Aramus guarauna ) and purple Kehl Kolibri ( Eulampis jugularis ; purple throated carib) and Antilles hood Kolibri ( Orthorhyncus cristatus , Antillean crested hummingbird).

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