Gustav Heinrich Schneider

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Gustav Heinrich Schneider (born January 21, 1859 in Stettin ; † January 7, 1909 in Berlin ) was a German writer , student historian and fraternity functionary .

Live and act

While studying history in Jena , Schneider became a member of the Germania Jena fraternity in 1880 . In 1881 he was instrumental in founding the General Deputy Convent (ADC) .

In 1883 he became editor of the German Reich and Prussian State Gazette . In 1887 Schneider founded the magazine for the German fraternity , of which he was editor until 1898. He was also involved in the creation of the fraternity archive . In 1897 he received his doctorate in Heidelberg . In 1902, with his play Der Ritt zur Elgersburg, he won the Singers' War at the Elgersburg Castle . He died of a heart attack in 1909 .

Publications (selection)

  • Jenenser life. Poems. Jena 1883.
  • Moved to Kahla. A student story from days gone by. Jena 1886.
  • Epic picture book. Jena 1886
  • The Press or Fatherland Association 1832/33. A contribution to the history of the Frankfurt attack. Dissertation University of Heidelberg 1897.
  • The fraternity Germania zu Jena. Jena 1897.


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Individual evidence

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