Gustav Voigt (District Administrator)

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Gustav Voigt (born March 16, 1886 in Posen , † November 17, 1970 in Braunschweig ) was a German administrative lawyer.


Gustav Voigt studied law at the Universities of the Royal University of Greifswald and the Georg-August University of Göttingen . He became a member of the Corps Pomerania Greifswald (1905) and the Corps Saxonia Göttingen (1906). After completing his studies, he served as a one-year volunteer with the Uhlans . In 1909 he was awarded a doctorate in Greifswald. iur. PhD. After the legal clerkship and the assessor examination , he passed the exam to become a government assessor in June 1914 . In the First World War he took part as a reserve officer of the Uhlan Regiment No. 10.

In 1921 Voigt was appointed district administrator for the district of Sangerhausen . In 1927 he moved to the Duchy of Lauenburg as district administrator and as such was in charge of the Lauenburg regional association . The DVP related parties, he had to vacate the post in April 1933. He became government director in Magdeburg and representative of the police chief in Wuppertal. From 1938 he worked for the government in Düsseldorf . He retired in Braunschweig. His wife was Emmy Thanisch born. Müller .


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