Michei Nikolajewitsch Jerbanow

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Michei Nikolajewitsch Jerbanow

Michei Nikolayevich Yerbanov ( Russian Михей Николаевич Ербанов ., Scientific transliteration Michej Nikolaevič Erbanov * February 26 jul. / 10. March  1889 greg. In Ulus Bolshoi Bachtai , Russian Empire today Rajon Alarski, Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous Okrug , Oblast Irkutsk ; † February 8, 1938 in Moscow ) was a high Buryat party official and Soviet statesman.


After attending a denominational school , the Buryat farmer's son Michei switched to the Balagansk city ​​school, completed his surveying training in Tomsk in 1909 and worked as a topographer . In 1913 he sympathized with the Bolsheviks in Barnaul and joined the CPSU in 1917 . From 1918, when Kolchak ruled Siberia from Omsk , Michei Jerbanow worked in Irkutsk for the CPSU underground. Since October 1919 he was a member of the Irkutsk regional committee of the CPSU and since January 1920 chairman of the Buryat section of this party committee. At the end of 1921 Michei Jerbanow was chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of the Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Region in Chita and 1922-1923 chairman of the executive committee of this area.

1927-1929 he was trained on courses of the Central Committee of the CPSU. 1929–1937 Michei Jerbanow was a member of the Siberian Regional Committee of the CPSU. He financed and organized cross-country skiing, which started in Ulan-Ude on October 21, 1936 and ended in Moscow on March 6, 1937 (a good 5500 kilometers via Irkutsk, Kuitun , Nizhneudinsk , Taischet , Krasnoyarsk , Achinsk , Novosibirsk , Barabinsk , Omsk , Ischim , Tyumen , Swerdlowsk , Yanaul , Sarapul , Agryz , Schemordan , Kazan , Urmary , Shumerlya , Arsamas , Murom , Tscherusti ). The first thousand kilometers were covered on foot.

In September 1937 Michei Jerbanow was arrested in Moscow, condemned as a " pan Mongolian saboteur" and shot on February 8, 1938.

On September 24, 1956 - during Khrushchev's thaw - Mikhei Yerbanov was posthumously rehabilitated.

Presence in the bodies of Soviet power

Stalin , Engelsina and Michei Jerbanow on January 28, 1936


  • Speeches, lectures, resolutions: The Buryat Mongols to the great Stalin. (Бурят-Монголы у великого Сталина). Ulan-Ude 1936, 77 pages

Honors and commemorations

  • June 2, 1933: Order of the Red Banner for outstanding achievements in the fight against the enemies of Soviet power.
  • January 31, 1936: Order of Lenin for over-fulfilling the state plan for animal production and for success in economic and cultural development.
  • There is Michei Nikolayevich Jerbanov Street in Irkutsk.
  • The Buryat Agricultural College Ulan-Ude (Agricultural School) is named Michei Jerbanows. There is a bust of Jerbanov in front of the school .
  • The former Tschitaer Straße in Ulan-Ude is called Jerbanow-Straße.
  • There is a small Michei Jerbanow memorial in the birthplace of Bakhtai.
  • There is a Michei Jerbanow collective farm in the Nukutsky district .


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  1. The novel Years of Terror by Anatoly Rybakov is a narrative analysis of the Stalin Purges . In the 11th chapter of the novel, the reader learns something about the history of Michei Jerbanov's shooting. Anatoly Rybakov writes: "On July 7, 1935, Stalin chaired the plenary session of the Constitutional Commission." (Rybakov, p. 123, 1. Zvo). The author echoes Stalin's thoughts during the session. Stalin considers the present Yerbanov to be "unreliable" (Rybakow, p. 129, 6. Zvo) and thinks: "Everything that is potentially dangerous must be exterminated". (Rybakow, p. 129, 17. Zvo)

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