Gustav von Senden-Bibran

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Reisicht Castle around 1860, Alexander Duncker collection

Gustav Ernst Otto Egon Freiherr von Senden-Bibran (born July 23, 1847 in Reisicht bei Haynau , Goldberg district , †  November 23, 1909 in Berlin ) was a German admiral .



Gustav was the fifth child of Ludwig Freiherr von Senden and Bibran (1804–1883) and his wife Agnes, born von Kölichen called Freiin von Bibran and Modlau (1812–1890), mistress on Reisicht.

Military career

Senden-Bibran entered the Prussian Navy on April 7, 1862 , and became a second lieutenant in the sea in 1867 . Temporarily stationed on Isola Bella to protect Stresa , during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71 he was in command of one of the river cannon boats taken near Orléans .

Senden-Bibran made trips to China , Japan and the South Seas between 1874 and 1877 and later visited the Mediterranean and Constantinople . After another trip around the world (1881–83), Senden-Bibran was used in important commands on land.

In 1888, Senden-Bibran was in command of the armored ship Bayern , on which Kaiser Wilhelm II made a trip to three Nordic courts in Saint Petersburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen shortly after taking office . On November 13, 1888, Wilhelm II appointed him his wing adjutant . From March 1889 to 1906 he was chief of the naval cabinet ; In 1892 he became Rear Admiral and finally Vice Admiral in 1899 .

From June 20, 1901 to November 23, 1909, he served as adjutant general to the Kaiser and was promoted to admiral on November 14, 1903. On July 7, 1906, Senden-Bibran was put up for disposition because of his poor health and at the same time à la suite of the naval officer corps. He died unmarried after an operation of pneumonia in the Hansa sanatorium in Lessingstrasse, he was buried in Reisicht.

He was a legal knight of the Order of St. John and was awarded 34 orders, including the Black Eagle Order and the Grand Cross of the Red Eagle Order with Oak Leaves and Swords.


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