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Good , partly also goods , stands for:

  • in general economics means that serve to satisfy needs, see good (economics)
  • in economics (especially in the plural goods ) what is produced, traded and consumed, see product (economy)
  • In taxation, valuation objects from business assets, see economic asset (taxation)
  • in transport, the objects that are transported, see transport goods
  • in law a certain, also immaterial, valuable object, see legal property
  • in philosophy an ideal positive value, see ethical good
  • a farm, see manor
  • a former estate with privileges, see manor
  • in the nautical language of the whole of the ropes and ropes of the rigging
  • an assessment in the school system, see school grade
  • an ethical term, the good

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good :

Good is the family name of the following people:

Well , more proper names:

GUT stands for:

  • Grand Unified Theory , theory for the unification of the basic physical forces, see Grand Unified Theory

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