H to He, Who Am the Only One

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H to He, Who Am the Only One
Van der Graaf Generator's studio album



Label (s) charisma

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Progressive rock

Title (number)


  • Nic Potter : Bass guitar on Killer , The Emperor in His War-Room and Lost


John Anthony

Studio (s)

Trident Studios, London

The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other
H to He, Who Am the Only One Pawn Hearts

H to He, Who Am the Only One ( 1970 ) is the third album by the progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator . It includes five tracks: Killer , House With No Door and The Emperor in His War-Room on the A side and Lost and Pioneers over c (" c " is the symbol for the speed of light ) on the B-side .

The line-up is largely the same as on the previous album The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other . However, bassist Nic Potter can only be heard on half of the pieces since he left the band in mid 1970. With the remaining quartet of Peter Hammill , Hugh Banton , David Jackson and Guy Evans , the "classic" line-up of the band was born. Banton took over the bass guitar for the remainder of the album, while performing Potter's role mostly with the bass pedals on his Hammond organ during live performances . Guitarist Robert Fripp (of King Crimson ) made a guest appearance in the studio for the first time, playing acoustic and lead guitar on The Emperor in His War-Room . (The following year he appeared on the subsequent album Pawn Hearts as well as on Hammill's solo album Fool's Mate .)

H to He, Who Am the Only One was released in December 1970. Overall, it is a darker album than its predecessor. While The Least We Can Do ... has two easier and relatively lighthearted pieces with Refugees and Out of my Book , such moments are completely missing here. Even the quiet House With No Door is steeped in a feeling of hopelessness and ends with the line "Won't somebody help me ...?" . The title of the album describes the fusion of hydrogen into helium , the so-called proton-proton cycle , the process by which stars generate their energy.

Track list

  1. Killer - 8:07
  2. House With No Door - 6:03
  3. The Emperor in His War-Room - 9:04
    • The Emperor
    • The room
  4. Lost - 11:13
    • The Dance in Sand and Sea
    • The Dance in Frost
  5. Pioneers over c - 12:25

The remaster, released on CD in 2005 , adds two bonus tracks: an alternative version of The Emperor in His War-Room (without Robert Fripp) and Squid 1 / Squid 2 / Octopus , which was recorded live in the studio in 1971 and originally planned as a double album Pawn Hearts should appear.

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