Hanna Emmrich

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Hanna Emmrich (born December 18, 1903 in Tarnowitz , † 1983 in Jerusalem ) was a German philologist and librarian.


Emmrich was the daughter of the rabbi Dr. Levi Emmrich and his wife Charlotte, b. Guttmann. She attended the Schwarzenbergsche and later the municipal lyceum in Beuthen , then she went to the municipal Viktoriaschule (a college with a secondary school direction) in Breslau . After graduating from high school in 1923, she attended the seminar class of the municipal Cecilienschule in Breslau, where she was qualified to teach elementary schools, secondary schools and lyceums. She then studied Romance, English and Semitic philology, art history and Jewish theology in Neuchâtel and Breslau, where she received her doctorate in 1930. In the same year she began working at the State and University Library in Wroclaw . In 1931 she moved to the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary at the University of Breslau . In 1932 she worked for a short time at the Berlin State Library before returning to the Wroclaw State and University Library. There she was probably dismissed as a result of the " Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service ". Presumably in 1935 she emigrated to Palestine. After her marriage she changed her name to Hanna (h) Oppenheimer. From 1935 to 1968 she worked at the Jewish National Library and the National and University Library in Jerusalem . From 1956 she also built the library school there.

A copy of Hanna Emmrich's dissertation, published in 1930, with a personal dedication to her teacher Carl Brockelmann is in the holdings of the Berlin State Library .


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