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Isaak Heinemann

Isaak Heinemann (rarely also: Isaac Heinemann ; born June 5, 1876 in Frankfurt am Main , † July 29, 1957 in Jerusalem ) was a classical philologist, Jewish scholar and religious philosopher and an advocate of community orthodoxy.


Isaak Heinemann studied the Bible and Talmud with his father, Heinrich Heinemann, who was a teacher at the Samson-Raphael-Hirsch School in Frankfurt am Main. In 1894 he began studying classical philology at the University of Strasbourg. In 1895 he moved to Berlin and studied at the rabbinical seminary in Berlin . In 1897 he obtained his doctorate and was ordained a rabbi.

Isaak Heinemann was from 1919 to 1938 lecturer for the philosophy of religion of antiquity and the Middle Ages in Breslau at the Jewish-theological seminar , 1930 to 1933 at the same time honorary professor for Hellenism at the University of Breslau . After Markus Brann's death , he was editor of the monthly for the history and science of Judaism from 1920 (until 1938) .

In 1938 he had to emigrate and from 1939 was a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem .

A focus of his research were Hellenistic topics, in particular Philo of Alexandria , whose works he published in German translation 1910-1938 together with Leopold Cohn in 7 volumes.

In 1955 he received the Israel Prize in the Jewish Studies category . The librarian Hanna Emmrich (1903–1983) was his daughter.

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His daughter Hanna Emmrich compiled a bibliography of Heinemann's works in 1936: Hanna Emmrich: Isaak Heinemanns Schriften . In: Monthly for the history and science of Judaism, Vol. 80 (NF 44) (1936), Issue 3 (May / June), pp. 294–297 ( online ).

  • Award-winning thesis on Solon from the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Berlin , 1896
  • Questions of Time in the Light of the Jewish View of Life , 1921
  • Poseidonioi, 2 volumes, 1921 and 1928
  • The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Judaism and the Gospels , 1923
  • On the Jewish Spirit, a word to the honest among its accusers , 1924
  • The concept of superman in Jewish religious philosophy , 1925
  • Messianism and Mystery Religion 1925
  • The Doctrine of the Purpose of Man in Greco-Roman Antiquity and in the Jewish Middle Ages , 1926
  • Philon's Jewish and Greek Education , 1926
  • Darkhe ha-Aggada , 1949
  • Ta'ame Ha-Mitsvot be-Sifrut Yisrael , 2 volumes (1942, 1956)


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