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Johanna "Hanny" Allston , actually Johanna Allston (born February 12, 1986 in Hobart , Tasmania ) is an Australian orienteer . She runs for the Swedish orienteering club Sävedalens AIK .


Johanna Allston, or Hanny Allston as she is called by many, lives in Tasmania, where she studies medicine and works part-time as a guide on bush walks. In her youth she mainly did swimming . However, a shoulder injury forced her to quit and so she switched to orienteering. Allston also enjoys participating in other endurance sports competitions such as ultra marathons , triathlons , cycling and kayaking .

In 2006 Hanny Allston won the long distance of the Junior World Championships in Orienteering (JWOC) in Lithuania . The runner in second place was 4 minutes 38 seconds behind. She is the first Australian runner to ever win a gold medal at the world championship level. The triumph at the JWOC should not remain the highlight of their most successful season so far. Inspired by the very good performances, the Australian competed over all distances at the 2006 World Championships in Denmark and was able to secure the gold medal and thus the world championship title in the sprint. She is the youngest and first world champion from Australia.

At the World Games 2009 she won the middle distance run and came second in the sprint.


World championships sprint medium Long Season
2004 Västerås 29 24. 16.
2005 Aichi 18th 6th 8th.
2006 Aarhus 1. 12. 4th
2007 Kiev 9. 13. 6th 7th
2009 Miskolc nq 18th 19th 9.
Overall World Cup
2004 59.
2005 42.
2006 35.
2007 49.
2009 58.

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