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Hans-Joachim Geyer (pseudonym: Henry Troll , born June 18, 1901 in Rathenow , † July 21, 1972 in Lehnitz ) was a German author and agent.


Hans-Joachim Geyer comes from a wealthy Rathenow family. After 1918 he was probably a member of the Freikorps . He then trained as a farmer and worked as an inspector on various manors. He joined the NSDAP before 1933 and headed its local group in Rathenow. Later he was part of the local SA leadership.

In the mid-1930s Geyer moved to Falkensee and worked in administration. Here he began to write crime and adventure stories. Because of angina pectoris he was postponed from military service and from 1943 worked in the administration of the DEMAG armored factory in Falkensee and then as a canteen manager in the Mittelwerke Ilfeld .

After the Second World War, he initially did auxiliary work and then from 1950 worked as an office supplies representative in West Berlin . In 1952 he contacted the Gehlen organization and spied for them in the GDR, but was arrested by the Stasi in Riesa at the end of the year . During the interrogations, Geyer committed himself to work as a " secret employee " for the Stasi under the code name Joe Ball . At the end of October 1953 Geyer moved from Berlin-Schöneberg to East Berlin . In the so-called Gehlen Trial from December 18 to 21, 1953, he testified against his former clients and colleagues in the West.

Hans-Joachim Geyer was married and had three children.


  • Manor Peter Möcke . 1936
  • The lion is on the loose . 1940
  • Renzo the traitor . 1941
  • Vamp Rita . 1941
  • in the beginning was the end .. . 1954


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