Hans Konrad Asper

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Hans Konrad Asper (* around 1588 in Zurich ; † 1666 in Konstanz ) was a sculptor, master builder and Munich court architect. He was the grandson of the painter Hans Asper .

In 1612 he married Sophia Zwingenstein in Constance . From this marriage there were three children. In 1615 he was called to Salzburg by Prince Archbishop Marcus Sitticus IV of Hohenems , where he worked until 1625. He created various tombs and sculptures. From 1625 Asper was mainly active in Konstanz again, where he was the city and fortification sub-builder.

Tomb of Kaspar von Hohenems (1635)

In 1644 he was in charge of repairing the fortification of Überlingen, which had been damaged by the Swedish troops . In 1645 Asper entered the service of Elector Maximilian of Bavaria as a fortress and court architect and managed the repair work on the fortifications in Braunau , Schleissheim , Wasserburg and Landsberg . In 1654 Asper returned to Constance and retired as a widower to a monastery, where he died in 1666.

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