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Ernst Hans Ludwig Loeffke (born May 3, 1906 in Tilsit ; † December 11, 1974 in Lüneburg ) was a German forester and officer. He founded the East Prussian State Museum in Lüneburg.


Like many members of the Corps Littuania , who was born in Tilsit, Loeffke enrolled as a law student at Albertus University in Königsberg after graduating from high school in 1925 in order to be able to follow the family tradition and become a Littauer. After the three active semesters, he studied forestry at the Prussian Forestry University in Eberswalde in the Mark region. There he joined the Academic Schützenhausgesellschaft forestry association founded in 1855 .

After the legal traineeship he was accepted into the Prussian civil service and trained in Allenstein and Potsdam . In 1931 he came to the Reich Forestry Office in Berlin. In 1934/35 he served in the Reichswehr . In 1939 he also volunteered for the Wehrmacht and participated in the entire Second World War in France , Norway and Russia , most recently as a captain .

In Lueneburg from close British prisoner of war released, he was part of the founding generation of East Prussia . In 1948/49 he was the first representative of Olsztyn City and was elected to the first federal board of the East Prussian Landsmannschaft. In addition, he was involved in the Lower Saxony regional association of the Federation of Expellees . In 1953, at the meeting of the Landsmannschaft in Bochum, he organized the "East Prussian Hunting Exhibition", which was repeated at the International Hunting Exhibition in Düsseldorf in 1954 as a memorial exhibition for the German East .

In 1956 he founded the association "East Prussian Hunting Museum - Wild, Forest and Horses East Prussia e. V. “It opened in December 1958, burned down in December 1959, reopened in 1964 and last expanded in 1974. Erich Wallat was elected the first chairman of the association, which acted as the so-called sponsoring association of the East Prussian State Museum in Lüneburg.

As a forester z. W. he was retired in 1958 .

The Corps Albertina Hamburg awarded him the ribbon in 1951.


  • Aurochs and bison in old East Prussia .

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